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Official Bio:
Howdy, Dudettes & Dudes. I'm Catrina Burgess AKA Chaoscat.

I write because it helps keeps the darkness away and reminds me that there is magic in the world.  I live with one husband, two dogs and a cat named Shitty Kitty in a small mining town in Arizona. At night this place is definitely spooky. I swear I’ve heard the wind giggle, and sometimes there’s a very odd breeze. Luckily, I love all things that go bump in the night. I adore old movies. I’m a huge Joss Wheldon fan.

I’ve been known to eat pizza and cold Chinese food for breakfast, and I’m the queen of the board game Stratego. I’ve never been beaten. NEVER!

You can contact me via emial - Cat@catrinaburgess.com

My Motto-- Chaos - It's not just a lifestyle, it's a state of mind

I have Chronic Fatigue which makes life challenging sometimes you can read about it here.
When I'm not writing I'm Chaoscat  Owner/Operator of Romance Junkies  
Website: http://www.romancejunkies.com 
RJ Blog: http://www.romancejunkies.com/rjblog

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