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FAQ Questions about the Dark Ritual Series

Q: Where can I go to learn the Dark Arts and become a Death Dealer?

Answer: I made that stuff all up.

Q: Are the all the Paranormal Elements in the Dark Ritual Books real?

Answer: I took a lot of paranormal and folklore and gave it my own twist. I also used some real stuff. The real stuff --runes, the pendulum crystal, Ouija boards (though the spells I added to them are made up.)

All the spells are made up.

Many of the herbs that go along with the spells are real.

If you believe in ghosts (which I do) there are such things as choking ghosts. Banshees are a type of Irish ghost, but I put a spin on them.

Are there real zombies in the world? If you believe in Haitian magic there are!


A few Readers and Friends made some cool artwork for the Dark Rituals

If you are inspired to make up DR artwork send it my way and I'll post it on this



My friend and Author of the

Lost Boys Trilogy Lilian Carmine  made me this cool bookmark for the Dark Rituals series. I'm going to get it made up into actual bookmarks.


Wattpad reader @Zoewatsky sent me an alternative cover she made up for Possession. I think It’s cool.


My Publisher FFFDig is doing a very cool blog series that's  a behind the scene looking into what it takes to make the book.

You can see how the process that went behind the making of the cover for Awakening.

You can check out what it's like to get edits from an editor.

New blog entries are being added every Tuesday through the month of Sept.

So check it out!




 Some fun added info to watch as you read the books.

Here are some videos and links that you might enjoy.  Some of the videos/links inspired me. Some of it is just additional info on the original paranormal/folklore elements I have in my books.



Fun extra content to go along with Awakening- Book 1

Learn about the real Banshees
This fortune teller was just a funny video that made me laugh.
When I was writing the Cemetery scene I needed some inspiration. I found it in this spooky video!
I love all things ghosty. When I was writing scary scenes at night I liked to go and check out ghost videos to get me a bit freaked out. Plus I just love watching anything with ghosts in it!
One thing that has always freaked me out are ghost stories about Porcelain dolls. Just another spooky video I found to give me goosebumps.
Now Ouija boards do freak me out. I stay away from them. And I would suggest you do the same. You never know what stalker ghost you are going to call over from the other side.
I found this old well video for inspiration. Old wells are spooky! Every time I’ve looked down into one, I’ve wondered what was down there.
I admit I do have a love of hellhounds. I think they would be a very cool pet!


Fun extra content to go along with Possession- Book 2
I was looking for old spooky Insane Asylums for inspiration and I found this video
Chocking ghost freak me out. I hope I never run across one.
For fun I do cast runes and read tarot cards. I thought you might like to see what it looks like to actually cast runes.
A reader thought this song really went along with book 2. I agree!
In my book I used the term Pierce the Veil. I did not know it was a band. One reader send me this link.
I’ve always thought that Berserkers were cool.
Another reader told me they loved listening to this song when they were reading the last couple chapters of book 2.


Fun extra content to go along with Revenant- Book 3

It's true when I wrote a scene in Revenant with a field of dead bodies I did some research on how dead bodies rot. One of the places I went to get info on dead bodies was Ask the Mortician - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw7bsNKsABQ


When looking for a location for Gage's hideaway in book 3  I thought back to my childhood. I'm the daughter of a Geologist and I've been dragged to alot of old mining ghost towns as a kid.  http://www.legendsofamerica.com/ghosttowns.html


This is one of my favorite songs and I thought it worked well with book 3. Especially the way Colina feels.
When you get to the mummy factory part in book 3 this is a cool video to check out
I'm ancient. ;)  So there were times when I was thinking about the zombie army and this video came into my mind. Yes, this video was really popular when I was in high school. Yes, I spent a summer learning how to do the thriller dance. ;-)
There is one morning when Colina wakes up and she is not acting like herself. I thought of this song when I wrote that chapter.


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